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Letter writing

Hi MJ,

I’m about to take one of my longest trips ever! I’m flying from Vancouver to Mumbai, India for the dance competition. I can’t believe I’m going! 
That’s almost half-way around the world so, of course, I have to make a couple of stop-overs. First, I have to stop in Toronto Pearson Airport for about 5 hours, then again at Heathrow Airport for about 12 hours! I’ll finally arrive in India almost 3 days after my departure date. 
But I’m going to be spending almost 17 hours at airports! You know I don’t have a lot of money to go and sleep at a hotel. Also, for this dance competition, I want to be as physically ready and not mess up my muscles. What should I do at the airport for 17 hours? 
I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions so I’m prepared to dance and win this competition! 

Full of excitement


Write a reply to Jill giving her advice about what she can do in the airport and on the plane to make her long-distance travel more successful and enjoyable. Also, suggest some exercises she can do to help with plane travel.

You should try to include the vocabulary and grammar that you have studied in this unit to help you write your letter.

Here are some useful expressions to help you write your letter:

  • Sitting still for long periods can be uncomfortable.
  • You should do these exercises regularly.
  • One problem might be that …
  • Also remember that …
  • Bend your right arm and touch your shoulder.
  • Finally, don’t forget that …

Write about 150 words. Check spelling, grammar and organization carefully before submitting.

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