Speaking – Asking for help

There are various ways to ask for help. Look at the useful phrases and expressions below.

A:  Polite ways to get someone’s attention
Excuse me,…Sorry to bother you, but…Hello,…
Pardon me,…Good morning / day,…Hello / Hi there,…
B:  Starting the request
Could you help me, please?May I ask you a question?
Do you have a moment?Could you do me a favour?
C:  Responding to a Request
It would be my pleasure.Okay, no problem.
Certainly, how may I help you?Sure, how can I help?
I would be happy to.I’d be glad to help out.
I’m very sorry, but I’m unable to…+ infinitiveSorry, I’m (kind of) busy right now.
I’m afraid I can’t at the moment.I’m sorry.  I don’t have time right now.
D: Common Questions
Where can I (buy a bus pass)…?Can I ask you to (call them) for me, please?
Do you know where I could (find a good local restaurant)…?Would you mind (calling them) for me, please?

Take a look at the next page (look at the bottom for page 1 2) for practice using these expressions.

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