Reading – As blind as a bat!

Short dialogues: Fill in the blank with an ‘as ___ as ___’ expression.

as free as a birdas blind as a batas sly as a foxas proud as a peacock
as wise as an owlas brave as a lionas strong as an oxas stubborn as a mule
as quiet as a mouseas hungry as a bearas weak as a kitten
A: How was your visit with your grandmother?
B: It was alright. I mean, spending time with her was great but she beat me with her cane when I first walked in. I guess she thought I was a thief.
A: Oh that’s tough, but I understand, my grandma has dementia as well.
B: Actually she is fine mentally, she’s just ________________________________________. So she couldn’t recognise my face. And I totally forgot to call her before I came.
A: Hey Laura! Did you hear the news!? Check it out!
B: What?
A: It’s my drivers licence. I just passed it on the first try. No big deal. Hey, how many times did you have to take it? 4 times?
B: It was only 3.
A: Well, I got a perfect score. And the tester complimented me on my parallel parking. I can show you how, if you want. How about we go for a drive.
B: Well, aren’t you just ___________________________________________. Do you want me to write to the newspaper about it?
A: I heard you broke up with Sam. Are you OK?
B: I feel great! She was actually very controlling. 
A: Oh, I didn’t know.
B: Yeah! She got mad if I played too many video games and she wouldn’t let me wear anything plaid. She also made me eat vegetables every day.  Now I’m finally _________________________________________________________________________.
A: Well I’m glad you’re happy! 
A: Hey, when did you get glasses?
B: Last tuesday.
A: I see, how bad are your eyes?
B: Actually I don’t need them. But I have a job interview at a library later today and I’m hoping they’ll make me look ________________________________________________________. So I can impress them and get the job.
A: Did you see the new firefighter they hired? I hope I never have to work with him, he looks like the kind of person who would run away from a fire.
B: He is a bit short and looks pretty awkward but he’s actually ________________________.
A: Oh really? How so?
B: Well, for one he’s not afraid of trying new things, or traveling to new places. He has his skydiving certification, and he was a marine for 10 years. You should really get to know him.
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