Recall the tenses that have come up in this unit. Read the following sentences. Decide what tense to use: simple present, present continuous, simple past, or present perfect. Remember that some of the sentences are negative or questions.

1. (have) I _________________________ the same car for a long time. I think I need to buy a new one.

2. What’s the word for people who work in libraries? (call) We ________________ them librarians.

3. (arrive) Sam ______________ in San Diego last week.

4. (live) Samantha __________________ in Toronto now. She loves it.

5. (see) I ________________ many pyramids while I was living in Egypt.

6. (sleep) Shhh! Be quiet! Grandpa _________________________.

7. (eat) Yukiko _______________ a lot of vegetables but she (eat, not) ___________________ any meat; she’s a vegetarian.

8. (improve, not) Martin’s English __________________ at all since he moved to England. He still speaks his own language all of the time!

9. (you, do) ______________________________ tomorrow? (go) I ______________________ cycling with Michael.

10. (love) Andrew _______________ to travel. In fact, (visit) he ___________________ Seoul next week.

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