Communications – Do you know…?

How much do you know about the creatures in these pictures?  Work with a partner.

Do you know….? 

  1. Read the questions carefully and discuss with your partner.
    1. Which animal is the fastest runner?
    2. Which animal is the fastest in the air?
    3. Which animal is the slowest on land?
    4. Which animal is the largest in the sea?
    5. Which animal is the longest on land?
    6. Which animal has the longest life on land?
    7. Which animal is the longest sleeper?
    8. Which animal has the best eyesight?
    9. Which animal has the best sense of smell?
    10. Which animal is the deadliest to humans?
    11. Which animal is the smartest?
    12. Which animal is the tallest?
    13. Which animal has the strongest bite?
    14. Which animal is the largest bird?

Match the following questions with their respective answers to learn more about these animals?

1. How fast is a cheetah?a. One has lived more than 250 years.
2. How big is a blue whale?b. It can be up to 190 feet (57.9 m)
3. How long is a bootlace worm?c. It can run 75 miles per hour.
4. How long does a tortoise live?d. It sees 8 times as far as a human.
5. How far can an eagle see?e. It is responsible for 750,000 deaths per year through disease transfer.
6. How deadly is a mosquito?f. It can weigh up to 210 tonnes.

  1. How *tall is a …?
  2. How powerful is a … ‘s bite?
  3. How slow does a … move?
  4. How much does a … weigh?
  5. How long does a … sleep per day?
  6. How fast can a …dive?
  7. How well does a … see / hear / smell?
  8. How smart is a …?

*Note:  Use ‘tall’ to ask about creatures.  Use ‘high’ to ask about inanimate things (e.g. mountains.)

  • a) A giraffe can grow up to 20 feet in height (over 6 metres tall.)
  • b) A peregrine falcon can dive 242 miles per hour.
  • c) An elephant can detect a water source 19 kilometres away.
  • d) A sloth moves 0.15 miles per hour.
  • e) A saltwater crocodile’s bite is 3,700 pounds per square inch.
  • f) A koala can sleep up to 22 hours per day.
  • g) A chimp can use tools, communicate with complex vocalizations, and problem solve.
  • h) An ostrich can grow up to 9 feet and weigh as much as 350 pounds (158.7 kilograms)
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