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Welcome to IH Vancouver Online!

Pre-Arrival English is for students who are planning to study abroad in Vancouver and want to have a base of knowledge about the culture and the city. This program focuses on how to communicate with locals, how to navigate the city, how to deal with an emergency and how to make the most of their time abroad. Students who take this course will be better equipped to adjust to the Canadian way of living and to know where to go for the best food, sights and trips. With the central goal of communication, this course gives both applicable advice and situational practicums to instill confidence in students to be prepared to have a great experience in Vancouver. Students will also meet fellow incoming students to make friends even before arriving!

*All prices are in USD.

Upon completion of this program, the student will:

  • prepare for arriving in Vancouver, Canada
  • practice small talk and appropriate body language
  • understand North American culture and traditions
  • become familiar with neighborhood, events, and sights
  • communicate with local and international people
  • learn about time management
  • prepare how to communicate in difficult situations
  • learn about various topics as preparation to travel abroad

There are 18 lessons in this program.

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