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Welcome to the IELTS Test Preparation online course! This course offers hands-on practice and study tips with a qualified experienced teacher who will help you to prepare for the IELTS examination. Whether you are preparing for IELTS General or IELTS Academic, the skills you’ll be practicing will help you feel ready and confident to achieve your goal.

Upon completion of this program, the student will:  

  • acquire grammar and vocabulary needed for written and spoken communication
  • improve written and spoken accuracy
  • acquire the language proficiency needed to feel confident when taking the test
  • acquire and practice functional language
  • acquire and practice academic language
  • improve fluency and pronunciation, including intonation and phrasing
  • develop and improve reading skills
  • develop and improve listening skills for gist and detail
  • acquire broader knowledge base through the variety of topics discussed
Module 1Skills and PracticeDuration
Week 1Listening Skills: Overview and Practice8H + self-studies
Speaking Skills: Overview and Practice
Reading Skills: Overview and Practice
Writing Skills: Overview and Practice
Week 2Listening Skills: Note Completion Tasks8H + self-studies
Speaking Skills: Commonly asked Questions for Part 1
Reading Skills: Skimming and Scanning
Writing Skills: Examining Prompts for Task 1
Week 3Listening Skills: Labeling Maps and Diagram8H + self-studies
Speaking Skills: Describing People, Place and Things
Reading Skills: Predicting and Preparing
Writing Skills: Commonly misused words
Week 4Listening Skills: Paraphrasing8H + self-studies
Speaking Skills: Mock Interviews
Reading Skills: Examining Questions and Tasks
Writing Skills: Intrepreting and Describing Visual Information
Mock Practice Test
There are two more modules. Mock practice exams offered every 4 weeks.

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