High School Bridge Orientation

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The High School Bridge Program is designed for part-time studies for international high school students not only to improve their English skills but also the skills necessary to successfully navigate a different learning environment.

This program offers communicative and student-centered online classes that give opportunities to practice the language as well as the opportunity to learn about studying in North America. Lessons will be delivered online with face-to-face instructor interaction but students are recommended to do self-directed studies and assignments given by the instructor. Self-directed studies include but are not limited to reading assignments, writing essays and other types of compositions, reviewing and revising material from the live online classes. They could include specific tips and study strategies as well as supplemental explanations for grammar and vocabulary discussed in class. This course would also highly emphasize the practice of presentations, and writing essays in preparation for joining secondary schools in English-speaking countries. The emphasis on this program will be on skills essential to succeed in North American high schools. Content will focus on Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies.

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