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With a track record of over 30 years, training over 30,000 students, International House Vancouver and San Diego have always been a great choice for people coming to learn English, as well as for training new and experienced teachers on how to teach English. With our IH Pacific Online Program, we are able to bring this same experience to you, wherever you are in the world.

We are excited to provide the same level of education that we have been offering in Canada and the United States to your current location. Our well-trained and experienced teachers are looking forward to meeting you online.

With an emphasis on communications, our classes will have you actively engaged in your personal learning process. IH Pacific views your language learning as a unique journey and helps you progress with a focus on production through speaking and writing, and comprehension through listening and reading. You can choose from General English, Exam Preparation classes, and much more.

Meet Our IH Pacific Team

Bryan Anderson


Hi. My name is Bryan Anderson. I come from Willowdale, Ontario – a suburb of Toronto, Canada. For the last 18 years, I have called New Westminster, BC home. I began teaching English in Japan in 1999 and have been teaching since then. When I’m not at work, I enjoy hiking with my wife in the mountains, writing and performing music, and watching or playing hockey.
The thing I love most about teaching is seeing a student’s whole world open up when they meet a person from another country, become enriched from a new experience, or reach a significant goal. I’m proud to be a part of our students’ learning journeys and being able to share my Canadian experiences with them.
It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Teacher Bryan Lesson | Conditionals

Kim Wong

Instructor; Teacher Trainer

Hello! My name is Kim Wong. I was born and raised in Vancouver. I’ve been teaching students, young and old, for over twenty years here in Canada and in Europe. I’m a bit of a crafter and enjoy baking and dancing.

Learning a language becomes easier if you do things you enjoy. Why not watch movies in English or learn to cook in English? You won’t even know you’re actually learning and practicing English!

Jordan Boyd


Hi everyone, I’m Jordan! I’m from a place called Richmond. I started teaching back in May of 2012, and I’ve loved it ever since. Outside of teaching, I love an assortment of random things: I’m a HEMA practitioner and instructor, I love games of all kinds (both board and video), cooking and baking, and a lot of other stuff.   

My number one piece of advice for learning English (or any language) is that, unfortunately, comfort is your enemy. The best way to move forward and keep yourself from getting settled is to push outside of your comfort zone. Fortunately, if you’re here, you’re already doing that!

Courtney Pittman


Hello! My name is Courtney. I was born in Edmonton which is the capital city of Alberta, Canada. You might know Alberta for its Rocky Mountains. I started my teaching journey at an English academy in Korea in 2015. I’m interested in music, movies, games and almost any other indoor activity.
My advice for learning English is to live your life in English and do things that you really enjoy and are interested in. Then you can focus on the enjoyment of learning rather than how hard it is. But on days where it feels difficult and frustrating, always remember how far you have already come.

Mariko Li

IH Pacific Online Program Director

Hi. My name is Mariko Li. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I have been teaching students of all ages and from all over the world for over 8 years. I love coffee, playing sports and meeting new people from other countries.
I think learning a language can be challenging but extremely rewarding. We can learn from mistakes and experiences as well as enjoy communicating, laughing and studying together.

Emily Conner

Center Director International House San Diego

Hey there! My name is Emily Conner and I come from a university town called Redlands, California. I started my teaching career in Costa Rica, and have also taught in Spain, Japan, and of course, San Diego! In my free time, I love to play tennis, do Pilates, write flash fiction and walk around dog beach with my black terrier pup. I recommend that learners find a group of fellow students to help each other stay motivated. It makes learning more fun, and when you’re feeling discouraged, your friends can help you keep going!

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